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Teesside Based Drone Company Employed To Conduct Building Envelope Inspection at Local Hospital


DJM Aerial Solutions Employed To Conduct Thermal Building Envelope Inspection Using Their Survey Grade Drones, at Local Mental Health Hospital For National Health Service Trust.

DJM Aerial Solutions were recently commissioned for their drone services to carry out a thermal survey for the NHS Trust at a local mental health hospital in the North East.

A Local National Health Service Trust Recently Commissioned Middlesbrough Drone Services Provider DJM Aerial Solutions To Conduct A Building Envelope Thermal Survey

Middlesbrough drone services provider DJM Aerial Solutions were recently employed by a local NHS trust to conduct a building envelope thermal survey of a particular ward within a local mental health hospital.

The trust contacted DJM Aerial Solutions on the back of a trusted recommendation, provided by a national engineering consultancy that the Middlesbrough drone services provider had previously worked with on a similar project. DJM Aerial Solutions were the preferred choice for the trust in the North East region and were chosen to carry out the thermal drone services after extensive research into their capabilities and reliability.

North East Drone Services Provider DJM’s Director Dan Maine Provided A Few Words On The Thermography Project

“The NHS Trust Mental Health hospital required some confirmation that their Oak Ward was retaining the required energy as per national standard, our reputation in drone services was the deciding factor on the contract as were our expertise in the field alongside our equipment capabilities and personable approach. We conducted the thermal survey utilising the Matrice M210 and Zenmuse XT thermal sensor. The results were positive in terms of the building retaining the required energy with no abnormal losses observed.”

What is a building envelope?

A building envelope is the surrounding structure that encompasses the asset protecting the internal areas from the external elements, such as the walls with their insulation, the roof area with its insulation and the windows and doors. It prevents energy loss from within the building and is obviously key in the prevention of outside elements penetrating into the inside living area.

What is a building envelope inspection and how can drone services execute it?

A building envelope survey can be as simple as visual identification of obvious defective issues around the asset or specific detailing such as the roof or windows. When visual inspections reveal evidence of a potential problem, a comprehensive building envelope inspection may include one of the following steps:

  • A basic visual inspection of the exterior surrounding the asset or structure
  • An infrared or thermal examination of the exterior structure to further assess potential problematic areas.
  • Targeted invasive investigation in areas of the building envelope based on any data deliverables from the thermal investigation.

Middlesbrough drone services provider DJM Aerial Solutions have access to some of the leading thermal inspection equipment on the market currently. The attachment of both thermal sensor and standard RGB simultaneously gives us the leading edge within this field. The thermal sensor mounted a drone provides a faster more reliable thermal service than manned thermal inspection techniques.

Thermal Services

If you would like to speak to us about any North East drone services or thermal services or arrange a building envelope thermal survey then please either get in touch via this link to our contact page Or Call us on +44 (0) 1642 903779 We’d be more than happy to speak to you and go through the process.