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Teesside tech startup Life Ninja in best of BETT 2020


Author: Life Ninja Ltd

Middlesbrough based education technology startup Life Ninja were thrilled to be included in the ‘Best of BETT 2020’ report by Teacher toolkit.

Life Ninja’s exciting new app ‘Tap Maths’ was specifically identified as a great way ‘to engage key stage one and two students’.

CTO of Life Ninja Tom Bailey said, “BETT is the world’s biggest education event bringing together 800 companies, over 100 start-ups and around 34,000 attendees to London’s ExCel centre, so it is an absolute honour that Tap Maths was picked out as one of the best products!”. When asked to give details on the app he explained, “Tap Maths covers the whole primary school maths curriculum through minigames and online tournaments. These contribute to leaderboards and avatar creation really helping with initial and ongoing student engagement.”

Life Ninja develop their apps to incorporate proven scientific methodologies, and this approach really stood out as key for Teacher Toolkit. They noted that ‘algorithmic progression, spaced repetition, recall and visual cues … provide a fantastic chance to combine guilt-free screen time with valuable teaching and learning’.

Life Ninja have come to understand that student and parental engagement work best through a joined-up approach to a school’s digital needs. Therefore, Tap Maths forms a critical part of Life Ninja’s suite of primary school engagement apps where student points and avatar updates are shared across the apps, and parental engagement is incentivised through point donations to their children. This holistic engagement approach utilises Message Ninja, a free school communications app, and Learning Ninja, a home learning app.

Tap Maths is due for release in March, Learning Ninja is in pilot with select schools, and Message Ninja has recently been released and is available for all schools.

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