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Year in the Life - Moody Logistics


November instalment of Moody Logistics #ChamberYearintheLife

A month in the life of Moody Logistics can cover some ground and at a pace.Since the last article there has been so much happening it’s difficult to keep up with developments on all fronts which include the chance to shine on TV.

One of the most important pieces of news is that Pall-Ex, the logistics hub that underpins Moody’s business model, has been bought by its members from the company’s founder, former Dragon’s Den Hilary Devey CBE.

This gives certainty to the important Leicestershire central depot where Moody trucks and other Pall-Ex members work in unison to ensure their customers’ goods get delivered on time.

Caroline Moody, managing director, Moody Logistics said: “The sale of Pall-Ex was so important and a great deal for our company.It gives us, the members who use this service, peace of mind and certainty we can continue to deliver our promises to all our marketplaces.”

There have also been physical developments on the company’s substantial Cramlington site, with work due to be completed on a new engineering workshop by mid-December.

This 6,000 sq ft, £500k facility has been designed to be an optimum space for engineering director Gavin Cape, to ensure his team can keep all the Moody vehicles in optimum condition, along with improved state of the art facilities for external customers.The new workshop will also create new jobs including a service receptionist and 1 or 2 vehicle technicians, one of which will be at an apprenticeship level to replace the company’s current apprentice who is nearing completion of his qualifications.

There has also been additional investment in LED lighting for the warehouse. The LED fixtures are not only more environmentally friendly, but they had become essential after the warehouse was reconfigured with a new racking system. The company is also now seeing the return on investment of installing solar panels to the building earlier in the year.

While the Moody fleet of vehicles has been boosted with two new investments, an 18 tonne truck and a brand new articulated truck to be part of the daily service down to Pall-Ex.

The bespoke service for retailers from MCR Services is also thriving, as expected before Christmas, with a high volume of trouble-shooting and fixing underway.

Problems getting fixed include 60k photo-frames in various sizes and colours which needed the back covers replacing and repackaged, thousands of glass vases that had to be washed down and a quality check of TV cabinets.There is great potential as well from a new tender for fabric swatches with a customer that is a substantial High Street leader.Fingers are crossed for the result.

Moody Logistics places great emphasis on the importance of community links and is supporting Newcastle Thunder’s rugby league team for the second year.To celebrate this fact the company has commissioned the cartoonist David Haldane to design a cartoon, which will then be featured in its annual calendar.

Keeping with the arts theme, the business is also staring in a new TV programme, currently under wraps, but likely to be broadcast in the new year.Watch this space, or rather, this screen, to see what it is all about.