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Crisis Management - Recovery and Resumption of Activities

Posted By Trident Manor Limited


Crisis situations do not just happen and many organisations failed to have appropriate management plans and emergency responses in place to minimise the impact on their businesses. An important element to Crisis Management is the recovery phase, but one that is often forgotten or overlooked. 

Managing your return to organisational activities should be planned to ensure the following:

1.   Critical roles and activities are identified.

2.   Timelines established for the resumption of activities.

3.   Phased approach agreed.

4.   Clear communications across the organisation.

5.   Continued welfare support identified.

6.   Periodical reviews of recovery strategy

Do not expect things to return exactly to how they were pre-pandemic, the world has changes as has the business landscape. By planning your recovery phase reduces the risk to staff, financial impacts and opportunities to successfully resume business activities.

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