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Rutherford Direct. Access to the latest pioneering treatment and support for the condition people fear most...

Posted By Rutherford Cancer Centre North East


A new comprehensive cancer care membership plan for individuals, children and families.


In the event of a family member receiving a diagnosis, what would you want for them? The latest pioneering therapies and procedures? The best possible treatment, tailored to you? The process to be as smooth as possible?

That’s where we come in.

1 in 2 people born in the UK after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime
- Cancer Research UK

1 in 500 children will develop some form of cancer by the age of 14
- Cancer Research UK

£570 the average monthly cost to 83% of the UK population following a cancer diagnosis

- Macmillan Cancer Support

Rutherford Direct Cancer Care – an affordable membership plan that pays for the cost of comprehensive cancer treatment.

We are the new generation of private healthcare, the first of its kind in the UK - offering innovative access to the very latest medical technologies, procedures and therapies available when you or a family member need it most.

No other plan offers direct access to a leading cancer treatment network. With cancer now affecting 1 in 2 people – the likelihood of you or someone in your family now facing the disease is at its highest ever rate. We know that health comes first, which is why our membership plan recognises that.

  • We provide peace of mind to your everyday
  • Prepare for the worst, before it has happened

Offering pioneering cancer treatment for family members

Lessen the impact of worry and fear if diagnosed

Advanced treatments include Proton Beam Therapy, Immunotherapy and a full range of conventional treatments and procedures. With an independent discretionary panel responsible for selecting the best treatment for you, no stone is left unturned.

Pay the price of a couple of coffees or a good book now, not the price of worry later.

Treatment, support and aftercare from just £6.91 per week.

Comprehensive care and benefits

We’re here, every step of the way...

Following authorisation for treatment, our membership services team organise and pay the costs of any treatment and other hospital, clinical (including surgical) charges.

Additionally, travel and hotel accommodation costs (and those of a companion) are met. Members are also provided with transfer costs to and from their hotel to the Centre and even a daily cash allowance to cover any incidentals. On discharge, a generous allowance is available for medications that may be required following treatment.

Depending on the choice of plan (Standard or Comprehensive), members are covered for up to £500,000 or a very comforting £1 million, per member, per year.

Travel & accommodation

Expenses with a companion fully covered

Enhanced pathway
Access to a comprehensive cancer pathway

Post treatment medication costs
Generous allowance following discharge

Cash benefit
Daily cash allowance during treatment

Cancer and health counselling

High level of access
Up to one million pounds treatment cost access per year

Choose a membership plan that meets your family’s desires and budget

Both levels of memberships offer full provisions of fees, as well as full access to benefits up to the total of plan expenses – covering any hospital and clinical charges needed.

Additionally, member benefits will pay for travel costs between home, treatment centre and hotel locations.

Comprehensive plan

Benefits available to each family member included in the plan:

  • Cost of medical expenses and medication while undergoing treatment. Up to £60,000 for medication not available on the NHS following treatment

  • 5 Star accommodation (if available)

  • £250 daily cash allowance per day while having treatment
  • Up to £1 million total plan expenses per member, per year
  • Provides the cost of a companion across treatment

To find out more about our Comprehensive plan visit:

Standard plan

Benefits available to each family member included in the plan:

  • Cost of medical expenses and medication while undergoing treatment. Up to £30,000 for medications not available on the NHS following treatment

  • 4 Star accommodation (if available)

  • £125 daily cash allowance per day while having treatment

  • Up to £500,000 total plan expenses per member, per year

To find out more about our Standard plan visit:

How does the Rutherford treatment pathway work?

Our simple process provides straightforward access to world-class treatment

1. Diagnosis
2. Expert appointment
3. Treatment pathway

4. Start of treatment

If a member is diagnosed with cancer, we provide access to pioneering cancer treatments at a leading, recommended facility under the care of consultant oncologists who are specialists in their field.


The membership benefits team can be contacted after a formal diagnosis from a GP referred specialist has been obtained.


An expert appointment is arranged by a Rutherford consultant.


On confirmation of the correct diagnosis, a treatment plan and pathway is produced and approved by a discretionary panel of field leading experts.


Dates for treatment are agreed with our Members Benefits Team. Travel and necessary hotel stays are then booked and paid.

Individual & family membership is open today.

Every two minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer.
- Cancer Research UK

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, couple, guardian or family focused individual looking for instant peace of mind on the topic of cancer – get in touch today.

How to become a member

Quotes for individual, couple or family plans are available online.

Joining is quick and easy with our simple web-based application. It takes seconds and there’s no lengthy questionnaire or medical examinations required.

And, you’ll receive your membership credentials immediately.

Get a quote or join now at:

Or contact us directly on:
0800 056 3203

Offer Available:

From: Jul 9, 2020

To: Aug 31, 2020


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