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Save £50 off your PAT testing

Posted By DRA PAT Testing Limited


PAT testing is historically done on a per item basis, but this is rarely the most cost effective option you can go for - we always recommend a day rate. For example, if you book us to test 250 items (average for a day) we will quote you £1 per item; if we end up testing 350 items in that same one day you will end up paying £350.00. 

If however you took our day rate of £250.00 you would have saved £100, becuase on day rate we don't charge any extra if the job still only takes up to one day. 

With this offer you can save £50.00 off that day rate! 

That's right, book us to do your PAT testing for  £200.00 a day, and even if we test 300 items you only pay for 200! 


Offer Available:

From: Jul 11, 2020

To: Sep 30, 2020


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