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Marketing Mentoring - Let's Smash It Programme

Posted By Marketing Adventures


Are Your Ready To Smash 2021?
Join our new let's smash it programme to learn how to grow your business online, find your USP (unique selling point) and give valuable, interactive content to your traget audience!

About this Event
Welcome to our discovery session, where you start your business growth adventure!
What the discovery session will entail:
Brogan Huntington will provide a detailed introduction to the Let’s Smash It Programme Brogan will outline all areas covered.
The discovery session will provide you with a structure and a taste of what you will learn and how this programme will help you build a successful brand, gain brand awareness, create valuable content and share it with your target audience.
This session will last one hour and at the end you will be left to decide whether you would like to grow your business and learn marketing skills yourself, or if you are happy as you are.
Areas covered in the 6month programme:
- Learn how to find your brand identity
- How to understand your USP
- Effectively present your brand message in a way that resonates with your target audience.
- In depth audience profiling, we don’t just tell you how, we teach you how!
- Social Media – Identification
- Social Media Optimisation
- How to grow via valuable trustworthy content

Offer Available:

From: Nov 13, 2020

To: Dec 13, 2020


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