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Youth Motivational Maps

Posted By Robson Laidler (Durham) Limited


By Understanding What Really Motivates Your Child, You Can Support and Help Them to truly thrive 

Young People are unique and understanding them and their actions can sometimes present challenges. 

By learning to understand what really motivates them and drives them as individuals you will be far better equipped to help them be happier and more successful.

Youth Motivational Maps are the perfect tool to help you really understand Motivation in Young People from Key Stage 2 upwards (approx. 7+years).

What are Youth Motivational Maps?

Youth Motivational Maps are an ISO Accredited Online Tool which provides you with an insight into a young persons’ motivational drivers and their current level of motivation.

This information is used to empower parents, young people and key people involved in education, to tailor learning and ensure young people are getting access to the right learning methods for them.

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From: Feb 18, 2021

To: Nov 18, 2021


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