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The Chamber's Stronger North East campaign sets out the measures we believe will empower North East businesses to play a greater role in delivering economic growth for the UK.



Why is the Chamber campaigning for a Stronger North East?

Thousands of businesses across North East England are members of the Chamber because they know they can achieve more together than they could on their own. In times of adversity or opportunity, this collective strength enables our businesses to thrive.

We know North East England is a great place to do business, but it can also be so much better. Our businesses have the right assets, attitude and abilities to make a far bigger contribution to the national economy, but are all too often prevented from doing so.

That’s why the Chamber is campaigning for a Stronger North East

What will a Stronger North East look like?

A Stronger North East will be Influential, with the power to make decisions about its own future. It will be Global, exporting further and more successfully than anywhere else while welcoming investment and visitors from around the world.

It will be a place that is Connected, where infrastructure enables commercial opportunities. The North East must also be Competitive, developing its business environment to be recognised as the most welcoming and attractive place to start or grow a firm in the UK.

Finally, it will be a Working region, in which everybody has the opportunity to make a contribution to our economy; where career and training opportunities are open to all and the best global talent is welcomed.

These are realistic ambitions and they can be achieved through practical interventions. In a year in which our region hosts the Great Exhibition of the North, we must capitalise on the opportunity to showcase North East England’s potential. This document sets out what can be delivered this year to move us towards our goal of a stronger, more productive regional economy.

The Chamber will campaign for these changes throughout 2019.

We'd like to hear from you. How can you get involved?

- Follow us on twitter @NEEChamber and use #StrongerNorthEast
- Find us on Facebook

- Contact Chamber Assistant Director - Policy, Jonathan Walker on 0191 374 6465 or