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We want North East England to be recognised as the most welcoming, supportive and cost-effective place in which to establish and grow a business.

Competitive North East

The various factors that create a local business environment must be better aligned to make this aspiration a reality.

The tax system should incentivise, not discourage, people from setting up a business in the North East. Public and private sector should work better together to create commercial opportunities and tackle local needs. Our towns and cities should aspire to be hives of economic activity; attractive to visitors and investors alike.

We must also ensure that those who want to build a business or career in our region are able to do so. Our housing offer needs to be vastly improved. This is a wonderful place to live; we must ensure good quality accommodation is available for those who wish to do so.

To build a more Competitive North East in 2018, we need:

  • Government to go deeper and faster to reform the business rates system;
  • Public procurement that creates more opportunities for North East businesses;
  • Local initiatives for regenerating town centres in the North East;
  • An increase in the construction of new and better homes in our region to support economic growth