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To thrive, businesses need access to people and markets.

Connected North East

North East England will only reach its full potential if our businesses are able to connect reliably with their customers, markets and employees.

Problems with our physical and digital infrastructure continue to frustrate firms and limit their growth. Fixing these problems will not happen overnight. We must continue to apply pressure on Government to invest in improving connectivity in the North East and to recognise the role of infrastructure spending in redressing economic imbalances.

These investments will lead to far greater productivity. Improvements to the rail network will ensure more people can access employment opportunities and more businesses can grow their presence across the UK.

Better access to international gateways will enable us to achieve our trade and tourism aspirations, while better and more reliable digital connectivity will cement our growing reputation as a hotbed of technological innovation.

To build a more Connected North East in 2019, we need:

  • Investment across the rail network in the North East to enable better local and national connections
  • A swifter planning process for key road works
  • Reform of Treasury rules on infrastructure spending
  • Improved access to ports and airports to further international trade ambitions
  • Public and private investment to maintain the North East’s competitive advantage in new energy technologies
  • Digital connectivity to be given far greater prominence in economic strategy

Download your copy of our Stronger North East 2019 campaign here.