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To thrive, businesses need access to people and markets.

Connected North East

Our members rely on physical and digital connections to make the most of commercial opportunities across the UK and around the world.

Sadly, this infrastructure has received insufficient investment for decades. We know there have been some improvements recently and we are pleased to have played a role in bringing those upgrades to the region.

Yet successive Governments have failed to grasp the ways in which infrastructure spending systematically favours developed areas in the South East, thereby entrenching the regional economic divide.

A radical re-think is required. Government must recognise the need for investment to unlock growth potential in our region, while we must be ready with our list of priorities for much needed road, rail and other infrastructure improvements.

We need game-changing projects that will not only bring our connectivity in line with that found elsewhere in the UK, but will make us a world-class environment in which to build a business.

To build a more Connected North East in 2018, we need:

  • Changes to the way Government allocates funding to expressly take account of the need to rebalance the economy;
  • Major investment in the regional rail network;
  • To maintain and increase energy generating capacity in the North East;
  • The creation of a test bed for 5G technology in North East England.