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North East England is rightly proud of its international business links.

Global North East

Our exporters sell more than anywhere else in the country and we are home to some of the most iconic brands in the world.

As the country prepares to enter a new phase of its relationship with countries in the EU and beyond, it is essential that our firms retain competitiveness in their ability to trade and work overseas.

A poorly managed exit from the EU must be avoided, while the support available to new and existing exporters should be enhanced to allow the full range of global opportunities to be exploited by North East businesses.

Our vision for North East England is a region which continually grows its exports and sees ever more businesses engaging in international trade. We also aspire to build on our global connections; continuing to be a region that is open and welcoming to visitors and one that is uninhibited by policy decisions that limit our international access.

To build a more Global North East in 2018, we need:

  • Clear and significant progress towards a positive trade deal and frictionless borders with the EU;
  • Improved global access for businesses and visitors travelling into and out of the North East;
  • More support for North East businesses currently trading internationally or those seeking to move into overseas markets