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The people of North East England are by far its biggest assets.

Working North East

We have a loyal, committed and skilled workforce that is behind our business success.

Despite this, far too many people are unable to make a full contribution to the economy.

Young people often lack awareness of career opportunities in the North East and the skills required to access them. Experienced workers find little support to update their expertise in order to remain relevant. The frequently hidden problems of physical and mental health issues are an economic as well as social challenge.

Our vision is nothing less than a region where everybody is able to participate in the labour market and fulfil their own talents and aspirations. We must also aim to be seen by the best global talent as a welcoming and attractive place to build their career.

To move us towards a Working North East in 2018, we need:

  • An increase in the uptake of high quality apprenticeships in the North East;
  • More support for increasing the skills and improving the wellbeing of those already in employment;
  • Migration rules that enable our firms to compete for, and retain, global talent;
  • All North East schools to provide better careers guidance, building on the Gatsby pilot.