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The The Chamber Energy Group influences policy decisions affecting both producers and users of energy as well as championing the region's expertise in energy generation, efficiency and storage


Chair: Jim Cardwell (Northern Power Grid)

The Chamber contact: Rachel Anderson

The Chamber Energy Group is made up of a number of businesses with an interest in energy policy from energy generators in the nuclear and coal industries to newer forms of energy such as biomass, energy from waste and renewables, to companies who are large energy users or have an interest in planning issues linked to energy and the energy markets. The group has recently looked at issues such as P272, smart metering and the impact of the Government’s announcements on renewables subsidies.

The group seeks to raise important issues for the North East with decision makers such as MPs and more recently the National Infrastructure Commission chaired by Sir John Armitt. One of the aims of the group is to ensure a North East voice is heard in the energy debate and that businesses in this region are not disadvantaged by decisions made in Westminster. The Group most recently met with Alex Cunningham MP who chairs the Parliamentary Intensive Energy Industries Group and agreed to work with him to help provide case studies for the Group’s work and strengthen any messages when lobbying Ministers.

The other main aim of the group is to provide an opportunity for those in energy related industries to network with their peers and to exchange information and knowledge as well as influence The Chamber’s policy work.