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Author - Marianne O'Sullivan

Date published:

Sustainable Business Services are committed to working with business to realize a sustainable, low carbon and cost-effective future.

We have declared a climate emergency as an organization and note the significance of our work to help drive education and change across our region and are closely aligning our internal policy and external business services to the UN SDG’s.

Quality education – As an organisation one of our values is to embrace learning and to actively encourage our staff to educate themselves on climate change along with other personal development plans. Extending this outwardly to providing resources and staff engagement for energy and carbon reduction projects within organisations. These projects can then support organisations own SDG’s 9,13,4

Affordable Clean Energy – We have moved to a green energy tariff, reducing our carbon footprint and have an active programme of reducing energy and water consumption within the business through. This is a core service we provide to our clients, the procurement of clean green energy, plus a managed service to support efficiencies, reducing consumption, carbon and cost.

Climate action – as a future Net-Zero solution partner we monitor our own carbon footprint with targets to reduce through the accreditation. This service is front and centre for businesses across the region, any business that signs up not only will be contributing to SDG 13 through a tailored carbon reduction plan, but will also be able to take a pledge and join the UNFCCC Race to Zero

The UNFCCC Race To Zero is based on the 4 Ps:

  • Pledge
  • Plan
  • Proceed
  • Publish

Partnerships for the goals – Our partnership with future Net Zero and partnerships with each and every customer, the NEECC and all regional businesses on our road to net-zero can enable a wider understanding of SDG’s and a collective adoption of relevant goals along side reducing carbon and business costs.

Through our service offering of a low-cost, easy to use digital carbon foot printing standard and management service, we can offer huge benefits to the region and businesses alike in driving knowledge and our collective carbon footprint down.

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