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All the fun of the fair...but not quite yet


Chamber member Turners Fun Fairs play an important part making the region’s outdoor calendar a success with rides at hugely popular events like the Hoppings and Sunderland air show.

These attractions are in addition to their own fairs all over the region at places such as Spanish City and numerous local town carnivals as well as the annual Durham Miners Gala.

There can be up to 250,000 people at the events where the fair’s ride and attractions appear but at present they are all on hold.

Brett Turner of Turners Funfairs said: “In common with many other showmen, we have suffered from the economic effects of Coronavirus, but we face the future with increased optimism, which is normal for travelling showmen.

We have always prioritised health and safety within our operations and will continue to do so with increased emphasis on hygiene and sanitisation on all our attractions. Additional precautions, such as, PPE, masks, gloves etc. where these are seen as necessary, being supplied.

Social distancing at whatever the rules at the time dictate, will be maintained by the use of fencing, floor marking etc. to protect our staff and visitors.

We look forward to resuming our funfairs and to seeing the public back enjoying all the fun of the fair.