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Chamber response to Transport for the North’s Strategic Transport Plan


Chamber support infrastructure investment proposal

The Chamber supports the Strategic Transport Plan which will increase connectivity and trade across the North, bringing economic benefits to the North East. We will continue to work with Transport for the North to ensure that these projects are delivered.

Transport for the North have released their Strategic Transport Plan which outlines £70 billion of infrastructure investment through to 2050 to help to increase connectivity and economic growth in the North.

The Chamber have been involved throughout the consultation process ensuring that the voice of businesses in the North East is heard and it is positive to see the plans published and being put forward to the Government.

The plans would mean an additional investment of £50 per person in the North per year through to 2050. This would clearly increase investment in the North East’s infrastructure network.

Once the plans have been approved by Transport for the North’s governing board the Chamber looks forward to seeing the Government back these plans to achieve the ambition of increased connectivity and trade across the North.