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Chamber urges party leaders to recognise North East's potential


The North East’s largest business organisation, North East England Chamber of Commerce’s chief executive, James Ramsbotham has urged political party leaders to use this election campaign to produce a compelling vision for regional growth

In his personal letter to the leaders of the Conservative, Labour, Lib-Dem, Brexit and Green parties he said: “What the North East does not need from this election is a patronising, stereotyping and condescending approach to campaigning which relies on an outdated perception of our region, its places and people.

“We are realistic about the challenges we face but optimistic about our ability to overcome them and create a bright future for North East England.

While much of the responsibility for creating this future lies within the region, we will look to any new Government to work with us, to remove obstacles to growth and to give us the tools to improve our economic fortunes.”

The hard-hitting letter also stresses Chamber members want to see politicians working to ensure growth and prosperity are spread across the whole country.

It also made clear warm words on closing the economic performance gaps were not enough when progress was so slow.

On behalf of members James Ramsbotham also stated the need for more meaningful decision-making and investment powers on issues that matter to business.

He concluded by stating he would welcome the opportunity to see them in the North East to hear their parties’ priorities for the region.