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Chamber's response to Prime Minister's statement


Jonathan Walker, policy director, North East England Chamber of Commerce said: “It is welcome news that for the time being businesses in our region are not being closed. ​However, we are deeply concerned that significant additional support to get on top of this crisis appears to be linked to an agreement to move to Tier 3.

“Government needs to be working with local leaders and providing areas with the resources to prevent them from being escalated to a higher tier. Test and trace is simply not up to the job at the moment and must be rapidly improved.

“Businesses are being put through intolerable and constant pressure about whether they are going to be asked to close at short notice. This is not acceptable. They need to be consulted with by national and local Government to ensure we all work closely to combat this pandemic. This will also allow us to play our part in getting the important messages out to our local communities.”