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North East employment growth not keeping pace with the national average


Labour market statistics released this morning show that the North East unemployment rate has risen to 5.8%, and remains the highest in the UK.

The number of people out of work in our region has risen by 19,000 over the past year. While the national average rate of employment has continued to show gradual improvement, the figures in the North East have slipped back from the record highs reached in 2017.

North East England Chamber of Commerce Policy Adviser Paul Carbert said: “Our region’s labour market has not kept pace with the recent positive performance in other parts of the country, reinforcing the need for a targeted response from the Government.

Chamber members responding to our Quarterly Economic Survey in Q3 2019 highlighted rising staff costs as a concern.

“Members also reported increasing investment in training, which could indicate a shift in focus from recruitment to upskilling existing staff.”