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Sir John Curtice tells NE leaders reason for the Red Wall collapse


Left to right Liz Bromley, Newcastle College Group, Sir John Curtice, Lesley Moody, AES Digital, Chamber President and Brenda McLeish, Learning Curve Group

Over 200 of the North East’s most senior business leaders heard why the region swung so considerably towards the Conservatives from leading political analyst Sir John Curtice at the Hilton Hotel, Gateshead.

At the North East England Chamber of Commerce President’s Club lunch Sir John set out the changes in voting trends since the referendum. He said Brexit crumpled the ‘Red Wall’ combined with a rising blue tide of Conservative support.

In his speech he explained the decision to leave the EU had created the perfect climate for a substantial increase in support for the Conservatives as the move was voted for heavily in some North East areas.

His view was that Boris backed leave and leave backed Boris while in contrast Jeremy Corbyn was the last compromise man in the country on Brexit, neither clearly for or against it.

In effect in 2017, Leave supporters voted Conservative and Remain supporters voted Labour but that in 2019, remain supporters deserted Labour whereas leave supporters still voted Conservative.

Chamber President Lesley Moody also spoke at the lunch and outlined the Chamber’s Budget demands which included the Government making good its pledge to level up the economy. The North East urgently needs investment in its infrastructure including the East Coast Mainline and to get Brexit done right.

Newcastle College Group (NCG) sponsored the event and chief executive Liz Bromley shared its ambitions going forward and its desire to build on its strengths around the whole country. She highlighted the importance of enterprise, engagement and employability for the next generation of business leaders and said education was the golden key to unlock potential.

The Chamber President’s Club series is sponsored by Learning Curve Group.