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Timely time management advice


A workshop at the NE Expo @ Chambershowcase entitled ‘Too busy, how?’ by Ben Drury (@the_culture-guy) set out how businesses could make everyone more time-efficient.

Among his tips was the advice that if a business culture is built in the right way, the atmosphere will change for the better, so people are more productive.

He said companies find their revenue increases when they have a strong culture where people are very clear about what they need to do, staff turnover also reduces as a result.

As part of his talk he also defined clearly what he saw a culture as being a group of shared values and practices. In his view behaviour from the top of an organisation defines its culture.

He said people want to feel safe at work and a clear culture defines the rules that they know they need to adhere to.

His advice was to be clear and have one purpose, one team, one focus, one voice. He also suggested businesses had a playbook where everyone in the organisation gets a copy and constantly talks about the values within it.