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Top tips for customer experience shared at NE EXPO


Business people at the North East Expo @Chamber Showcase heard a customer experience masterclass from Mac Eddy, from Insight 6.

He outlined the vast experience of the business which was started in Australia in 1998 and had undertaken 360k mystery shops to date.

Mac Eddy said their client list included major household names such as Eurotunnel and in the North East, Durham Cathedral and Muckle solicitors.

In his session he explained there were three dimensions to customer service giving people what they want, in an easy way, and most importantly, making them feel something positive about the brand.

He stressed there should be an emotional connection to customers and this is delivered by employees, who should be engaged, if service is going to be as effective as possible. He said stay close to your customers and ask regularly how they feel about their service.

His top tips to deliver an outstanding customer service experience were:

  • Have a clear customer service strategy and vision
  • Do you really know the experience you’re delivering and what good service in your marketplace is?
  • Think about your people, what is the culture and is this right?
  • What are your processes for complaints for example, are they right?
  • How do you measure success?Walk in your customers shoes
  • Map the purchasing journey from a customer perspective. Does the process make your life easy or your customers life easy?
  • When things go wrong, how is it handled?

He also said make service memorable as customer loyalty is based on emotion so focus on the Little Big Things. As part of his session he gave examples of effective ways to do this such as handwritten letters to clients to say thank you.

One thing he recommended avoiding was what he called ‘sheep dipping’ staff through a quick training session on customer experience, one session was generally not enough to really embed a positive culture.

He also said many companies didn’t tend to follow up how they performed with customers and it was a great idea, even if the feedback is negative as it’s a chance to improve.