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We Must be Ready to Put the Adonis Plan into Action


Reacting to the Adonis Report published by the North Eastern Local Enterprise Partnership, North East Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive, James Ramsbotham, said:

Reacting to the Adonis Report published by the North Eastern Local Enterprise Partnership, North East Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive, James Ramsbotham, said:

"The Adonis Review is an important document that if used correctly could help shape our economic future and represents an opportunity for the North East LEP to make a clear statement on priorities and highlight barriers to economic success.

"The Review must be accompanied by a straightforward action plan, which we can begin implementing immediately to kickstart the faster growth this area is capable of.

"Tees Valley is already working on exciting plans for the South of the region, which this will hopefully complement.

"NECC has worked closely with Lord Adonis and NELEP in the preparation of this document and we are pleased to see emphasis placed on key strategic infrastructure issues, addressing skills gaps and the need for a clear and consistent message on inward investment.

"The North East could be delivering so much more for UK Plc and proposals for North East International make good business sense, highlighting the importance of our two LEPs working together to attract inward investment. Likewise attracting the Business Bank or the creation of a North East Business Bank could ease a difficulties for businesses accessing finance."

On Infrastructure

"NELEP's aims reflect the proposals NECC and CBI put forward in the "Transport Priorities" document, which the review team used as a starting point for gathering evidence.

"Addressing bottlenecks on the A1 and A19, embedding faster rail connections and establishing a direct scheduled flight to the US are all key if we are to maximise connectivity and reverse decades of underinvestment in North East transport infrastructure.

"Consolidating and investing in public transport networks will make it easier for businesses to access a wider labour pool and reduce reliance on cars."

On Energy

"Energy and renewables are clearly at the forefront of NE LEP strategy, not least of all with regards to the enterprise zone. The North East has made great strides in this sector in recent years and hopefully these proposals will enable us to build on the momentum we have already achieved."

On Digital

"The review clearly recognises the important role world-class digital infrastructure and skills will play in generating growth. The NELEP area is well placed to take advantage of this sector but it will be important that small and rural businesses aren't forgotten."

On Planning and Development

"New investors are essential to create the higher skilled well-paid jobs needed to produce a competitive economy. Promoting the attractiveness, development opportunities and natural assets of the area are key to encouraging companies to locate and will create job stability and long-term growth.

"We also believe that a combined authority will create an opportunity to set a strategic direction for development that will help attract investment to the area."

On Tourism, heritage and culture

"Tourism is a major income earning industry that provides considerable employment in rural areas, and increasingly in towns and cities. Increasing the number of visitors will both sustain employment and contribute to the impact of the North East as a place to work and invest, as well as visit.
"The opportunity to develop new heritage and visitor attractions could also present a further opportunity for developers providing new tourism facilities."

On International Trade

"Synergy must be established across existing support organisations operating in the North East which have similar aims to increase exports and overseas trade. Utilising these networks through the consular services is welcomed as is mentoring support for those at early stage of the export process, something already being done at NECC."

On Inward Investment

"Establishing a front of house system to act as a single point of contact for enquiries is vital if we are to present a united front and attract overseas investors. This will provide clarity for businesses, as well as providing a stronger offer in the global marketplace."

On Innovation

"Creating Open Innovation and Growth Centres will hopefully bring in investors and create a focus on commercialising academic outputs bringing universities and business closer together, driving growth and providing alignment for business and product development."

On Skills

"NECC welcomes the renewed focus on skills and the push to double the number of apprenticeships and increasing employer take-up of apprentices.

"Apprenticeships help provide routes to employment for young people, and also build capacity within the workforce. A local focus and input from the private sector will help to ensure that training meets business needs."

"Improvements to careers advisory provision and increasing business interaction at School Governor level is also vital and has been raised consistently by our own members.