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World Expo Offers Great Opportunities for NE


Jack Simpson's Journal column

Beyond the European negotiation table, there is a wealth of positive global opportunities the North East business community can benefit from. I am constantly amazed by the region’s innovators, and there’s nothing more innovative than finding, and exporting to, new markets.

Next year, Dubai will be hosting the World Expo, Dubai 2020. This will be a six-month international fair with a universal theme of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. The universality allows global business of any size and sector to join and benefit.

The Chamber will be holding two premier events for global members looking to trade with, expand their market, or just learn more about the Middle Eastern market, with the “North East to Middle East” event.

This will contain high level speakers, partner advice and experienced member insights to trade with the Middle East, a market that has grown by 50% in export value since 2008.

The Department for International Trade has also released their planned Trade Mission activity for the next 12 months, targeting the Automotive, Food & Drink and Smart City sectors, as well as a premier mission to Washington and Toronto.

Trust me, this is more business than pleasure, as delegates will be introduced to key stakeholders, market contacts and personally introduce their product to customers. This is a great way for members to gain first-hand experience of potential markets, as well as form strong relationships with business internationally and fellow North East traders.

The Chamber is also looking to build on existing Chamber relationships with France, South Africa and Sweden to form a deeper, but hopefully more beneficial, relationship for members. In these uncertain times it is important that we maintain relationships with our close partners.

However, a recent BCC international trade survey highlighted that the current levels of economic uncertainty was affecting business global confidence.

I almost made it to 400 words without mentioning the B-word, but the impact of Brexit is affecting our global competitiveness. Business can only speculate about future costs and access, deterring new foreign custom.

There are so many global opportunities out there for North East businesses. But to fully maximise our global potential, business must be given the time, support and clarity to prepare for the future trading environment.

However, the Chamber is always ready to champion the global ambitions of its members and help maximise these opportunities providing market insights and documentation training. Get in contact to start your export journey.