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Year in the Life - Vaux Brewery


The next instalment of Vaux Brewery's #ChamberYearintheLife

The harder you work the luckier you get is so true about the Sunderland entrepreneurs behind the Vaux Brewery craft beer business.

Thanks to the fierce determination to succeed of directors Steven Smith and Michael Thompson interesting opportunities for growth are coming their way month after month.

The latest of these chances will come to fruition at the other end of the country with a beer launch and talk-in with guest star, former Sunderland striker Kevin Phillips in February.

This event at Phantom Brew Co in Reading, which will be hosted by Sky Sports presenter Tom White, came about as the owner of the Phantom brewery is a fellow Sunderland AFC fan and got in touch with Vaux to work together on a collaboration beer.

Steven Smith said: “The collab with Phantom is a New England Pale Ale.As it’s being launched at a talk-in with Kevin Phillips we decided to call it ‘Let’s Talk About Kevin’. We are selling half up in our patch and Phantom are selling the other half in Reading and London and there are already quite a few sold as pre-orders which is fantastic.”

In other news he added that negotiations for their own unit are well underway now so Vaux Brewery will soon have its own place with space to brew and a tap room.

Steven said: “We have been looking for premises for quite a while as there’s not a lot of property in Sunderland available that is suitable for use as a brewery but also has some footfall to hopefully attract people into the tap room.

“A decent tap room was always very high on our list of priorities as part of our plan.It is also so important to have an interesting programme of events.You need to give people an experience, a reason to come to you rather than go somewhere more convenient.

“We want to fill our tap room with like-minded people who are able to choose from a wide selection of different beers and styles.

Vaux Brewery’s unit will give the guys freedom to experiment with a number of different beer styles.

Steven Smith said: “We are really looking forward to being able to brew smaller batches of new beers and if they don’t work, we can learn from them and move on. You can’t afford to do that with a contract brewing as you’re tied to a certain batch size in order to make it viable from an economical point of view”

Next month there will be news about Vaux Brewery out on the road with an update on their 1970’s Peugeot J7 van which will be delivering beer around the North East and be seen at events and parties.The Vaux directors are also currently looking for a name for the van, all suggestions welcome!