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How can digital processes make site access more efficient?


Site induction programmes can be time consuming and cause bottlenecks and delays on site - in this blog, Chamber members Calm Digital explain how their Intasite product is changing the process and making sites more efficient.

Hiring new staff is always an exciting time for businesses. The need for new staff means that business is doing well, growing, and expanding.

For industrial organisations, such as COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazard) sites, construction sites, large scale warehouses or ports and shipping facilities, this excitement can come to a grinding halt with a poorly planned induction plan and process.

It’s the role of a Site Manager to ensure that inductions run smoothly, and that all visitors, contractors and employees undergo (and pass) a Health & Safety Induction before being granted access to a site.

Traditional Health and Safety Executive (HSE) induction programmes can:

  • Be time consuming
  • Cost inefficient
  • Hold up jobs and cause delays on projects
  • Causes bottlenecks at the gate or entry point
  • Fail to deliver key information in an engaging way
  • Fail to assess inductees knowledge

Digital can not just transform the induction process for industrial sites, but absolutely revolutionise the process.

Online inductions enable employers and site operators to easily and cost-effectively train their staff and visitors to ensure they arrive on site fully inducted – ready to start work and stay safe.

Here is a highlight of how Intasite, the Online Induction Platform, is using digital transformation technology to streamline the HSE & Induction process for business across Teesside & Nationwide.

Save Time

Online inductions allow organisations to free up staff time, that would traditionally be required to take inductees through a basic HSE induction. Remote, online inductions, also free up the time of new starters or visitors entering the site.

Rather than having inductees arrive on site and spend time running through an induction programme, inviting inductees to the Intasite platform allows them to carry out a full induction remotely, so they’re ready to gain access when they arrive.

The benefits of this are:

  • Inductees carry out their induction in their own time and are ready to enter the site as soon as they arrive
  • Automating the induction process means that a member of staff doesn’t have to take inductees through the programme, freeing up their time and increasing productivity

Cut Costs

Along with saving time, migrating your organisations induction process to an online induction platform will help your business save costs on the following:

  • Staff wage to lead the induction process (or having to hire an external induction manager)
  • Do not have to pay salary for employees carrying out their induction as they do it in their own time
  • Printed materials

Consistent Messaging

It is important that all inductees are delivered the same content, in a consistent way, so that everyone on site is operating under the correct processes and guidelines.

Inductions can be delivered in an inconsistent manner for a number of reasons including:

  • Running behind schedule - so inductions are rushed
  • Induction manager is unavailable so a replacement member of staff leads the programme without the full knowledge and experience to do so
  • Materials are not available (videos do not work, printed resources and materials are not available etc)

An online induction platform will deliver the exact same content and assess every inductee in the exact same way.

Intasite standardises the induction content, and incorporates an assessment element to ensure every inductee has competently engaged and absorbed all the necessary information.

This consistent messaging and testing process ensures that everyone on site has undergone and understood all the relevant and necessary training.

Improved Record Keeping

It’s no surprise that trawling through paperwork is an absolute nightmare of a task. Even with a well maintained folder structure, finding an individual's record, or when their renewal is due can be a cumbersome task.

Online induction platforms completely streamline and revolutionise the record keeping process, allowing you to find an inductees details in just seconds. From this, a site manager can send them a message (SMS or email) to alert them to an induction, or remind them about an upcoming renewal.

Enhance - Not Replace

The role of a platform such as Intasite isn’t to take away jobs from people - but rather to enhance business processes and make everyone's time more productive and efficient.

Intasite currently work with a number of organisations in the North East, including PD Ports & David Fox Transport & Sirius Minerals.

You can learn more about Intasite here: