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Attempt to tackle gold-plating of European regulations


Business Secretary Vince Cable today announced a new approach to try to prevent ‘gold-plating’ of EU regulations. This will involve:

  • Starting work on the implementation of an EU directive immediately after agreement is reached in Brussels, to give businesses early warning and more chance to influence the approach;
  • Avoiding early implementation except where there are compelling reasons to do so;
  • Directly copying European directives into UK legislation to prevent ‘gold-plating’;
  • A statutory duty on ministers to conduct a review of domestic legislation implementing a European directive every five years, to allow businesses to influence improvements.

More details can be seen here.

This appears a sensible approach to addressing this issue, but the effectiveness will be dependent on how easy businesses find it to raise concerns and influence this process in practice. NECC would welcome members’ evidence of where ‘gold-plating’ has occurred in order to press for improvements.

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