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North East England Chamber of Commerce member Durham Distillery has urged businesses to let Government know what they need to succeed by completing the Chamber’s Economic Survey.

The survey results are used to campaign for support for North East companies and provide detailed information on where help should be targeted.

Jon Chadwick, managing director, Durham Distillery said: “For my business the main parts of the economic survey that resonate with me are around the need to get investment funds moving, not just funds to stop businesses going under.

“There also needs to be come realism about levelling up the country. Here in the North East, for example, our retail offer has to be improved with the right measures to attract people back into city and town centres after the crisis has lifted. We also need to have clarity on Brexit and tax breaks for micro distilleries like mine, similar to those that breweries currently enjoy.”

To support those on the front line during Covid 19 Durham Distillery is currently producing hand sanitiser for the NHS and social care.

Once the pandemic is over the business will begin producing English Whisky, including the North East’s first ever single malt.