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Focus on the North East Economic Partnership


There are some modest changes here at NECC as until 31 March I'll be devoting my attention to bringing the North East Economic Partnership (NEEP) into operational existence.

After twelve month's of discussions, that involved submitting a formal proposal in September and getting to grips with what could politely be called 'evolving' Government policy towards economic development in the region, it is 'put up or shut up' time for business in the North East.  And as the Chamber, with others in the Northern Business Forum, has been at the vanguard of the NEEP plans my involvement underlines that shutting up isn't an option.  For now.

With others from business and local authorities, I'll be working on making the NEEP a reality to ensure that the North East economy is best able to prosper by influencing and shaping the approach in key policy areas including inward investment, innovation, sector development, access to finance and ERDF investment.

Perhaps most crucially, we need to go beyond the organisations and businesses involved in the Northern Business Forum and give every business person who shares the same passion for a prosperous North East the chance to participate.

There'll be more news from the NEEP in the New Year and lots of opportunity to get involved - from practical, hands on projects to simply pledging your public support. If you want to get involved or simply know more, leave a comment or contact me at