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Making our workplaces more inclusive


With many businesses digitising, utilising remote working and introducing flexible working making the workplace inclusive for people with disabilities and long-term health conditions will be essential as part of a fair economic recovery.

Leonard Cheshire are the UK’s leading disability charity and have set up the Change 100 initiative. Change 100 is a programme of summer internships that aims to unlock the untapped potential of students and graduates with disabilities. It gives organisations access to a talent pool full of ability, creativity and insight.

Leonard Cheshire launched Change 100 in 2013, with an ambition to change the employment landscape for disabled students and recent graduates. By working with their partner employers to develop inclusive workplace cultures, they aim to remove barriers and create opportunities for disabled people to achieve their potential.

Meridian Business Support were thrilled to get involved with Change 100 and welcomed Sam Jones into the business as HR Assistant.

My name is Sam Jones and I’m a nineteen year old student, on an internship at Meridian Business Support as part of their HR department. I got the job after I went through an application process with Leonard Cheshire. They specialise in getting people who may fear they are under-equipped or not ‘good enough’ to get into work by offering them extra support and guidance along the way.’

‘ Life has shown me that you must never give up; push yourself, step out of your comfort zone, and keep on achieving. This is only my first step into full-time work, and after university the only thing that may hold me back will be me, and I’ve proven to myself that I shouldn’t let my worries hold me back.’

To find out more information on how to make your business more inclusive, particularly in times when many businesses are looking to digitise and offer flexible working join our event with Leonard Cheshire here: