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Metro's new rail fleet announced


A £362 million investment will mean 42 new trains for the North East

Today it was announced that as part of a £362 million investment in a new Metro fleet Stadler has won the contract to build 42 new trains , with all of the new trains due in service by 2024.

This is crucial in improving the North East's public transport links, the new trains will be 15 times more reliable than the current fleet, helping to reduce delays and giving people more confidence to use the Metro to travel. There is a projected 7.9% growth in passenger numbers due to the new trains.

The Metro is crucial to the economy of the North East, each journey on the Metro generates £8.50 for the region's economy. The Metro connect businesses, allows people to travel to work or to study and helps to support the culture and leisure sector in the region. Links to Newcastle Airport and Central Station allow visitors to easily access the region.

The new trains are due to have WiFi, information screens, air-conditioning, charging points, and CCTV. The new seating layout would also create more capacity for passengers. There will also be retractable steps and increased wheelchair space to improve accessibility.

Making transport more environmentally sustainable is a key issue, these new trains will be 30% more energy efficient than the current trains, which helps to save enough high voltage power for every home in Tynemouth. Having more people using the Metro will also help to take 11.2 million car journeys off the roads which helps to reduce congestion.

The Chamber was a key supporter of Nexus in building the case for a new Metro fleet and we will continue to work with Nexus to campaign for a better connected North East on behalf of our members.