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NECC Submits Strategic National Corridors Consultation Response


NECC has submitted a response to a Department for Transport’s (DfT) consultation which proposes to increase the number of transport routes classified as strategic national corridors.  The DfT has used this consultation to propose a re-classification of certain routes, including a section of the A1 between the Seaton Burn junction with the A19 and the Scottish border. 

If the re-classification comes into effect this section of the A1 could be eligible for funds and potential upgrades.  However, although the DfT has indicated a willingness to re-classify the route, it has also made it clear that the route is some way off actually receiving funds for upgrades anytime soon.

NECC has put forward a case for continued investment in North East transport infrastructure, of which this is a crucial link for North East businesses.  We will use 2011 to continue to argue strongly for world class transport links, and to put the case to policy makers that an upgrade in title alone is not enough to support businesses in the North East. 

We welcome feedback and contributions from members in relation to this issue.  For further information on the NECC submission please click here.  To give your view, please leave a comment on this blog, or email