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A Seaton Burn security business which works for well-known brands and organisations including Fenwicks and the new NHS Nightingale Hospital in Washington, has pivoted its business model to ensure its clients have complete peace of mind during the current crisis.

T3 Security, established in 2012 by two former Newcastle door supervisors, Peter Moore and Richard Townsend, after being made redundant, has grown to have 150 contracts and a team of 350 on their books.

Peter Moore said: “When this crisis hit we immediately thought ‘what can we do to support our clients get through it?’ The lock down meant that many people couldn’t go and check their business premises easily so we pivoted our business to get remote security in place straight away. It has given all our client’s peace of mind as with being key workers we can not only install mobile surveillance but also call into premises to check there are no leaks or issues.”

A member of North East England Chamber of Commerce, he is passionate about keeping business in the North East where possible, in particular the importance of local authorities using local suppliers.

He said: “We see contracts being awarded to companies based in the South who then sub-contract the work to businesses up here who earn a fraction of the original tender. There is a great opportunity for councils to work with local companies to maximise the potential to create jobs, which is going to be even more important now than ever.

“At the moment we see this as the most significant issue and have stressed it on our response to the Chamber’s economic survey. We urge everyone to fill in the form with their own priorities to ensure Government knows what we need here, to get our economy back on track post Covid 19.”

T3 Security’s business has grown steadily since the early days where it was primarily door supervisor contracts. The business now has clients in a wide range of sectors including Wetherspoons, shopping centres, Doctors surgeries and the RVI, Freeman and Queen Elizabeth hospitals.

Peter Moore said: “Behind the scenes you only know your security is good when nothing bad happens. That’s the peace of mind we give our clients.”