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Wander Films encourage businesses to complete survey


North East England Chamber of Commerce member Chloe Clover of Wander Films, based in Middlesbrough, has kindly done a video encouraging businesses to fill in the Economic Survey.

Here she also shares here thoughts on the current challenges for companies due to Covid 19.

“These are unprecedented times and every business is feeling their world change around them. It's a scary time right now and there's a lot of uncertainty, but this pandemic has also brought space to pivot, adjust and innovate in ways we hadn't imagined.

“This is the same for Wander. In all honesty, we spent the first couple hours (once the realisation of what was happening set in) in sheer panic! Worrying about losing the ability to film projects and generate fresh video content for our amazing clients... We then gained focus and over the coming days and weeks made it our absolute priority to be there for our clients, making sure we were doing everything we could to support them and began adjusting our marketing strategies to allow a much greater amount of fluidity over the coming months.

“Then looked inward.

“We needed to make sure our team was comfortable and safe working from home, we had the necessary platforms and apps in place to keep us all focused and we could function like the well-oiled machine we are, completely digitally! It took a lot of trial and error and heaps of patience too, but we have found a new beautiful flow that we are truly thankful for. Losing the ability to film meant we had to pivot our offering and rise to the challenge of introducing new killer services to current and new clients! It's been a journey but one we can look back at and be grateful for.

“We found this time has also given the business community a sense of solidarity. There has been so much support and advice passed between businesses, it feels like a new age of respect and innovation.

“In times that seem so dark, it's incredible to see so much light.”

Wander Films create high impact and engaging video helping businesses #BeatTheScroll™ on social media.