What to expect attending Chamber events

This tells you what you should expect from us, and what we ask of you, when attending Chamber events in autumn 2021.

Our aim is to: return to some face to face events ensuring as many members as possible feel comfortable and safe attending our events, while assessing risks and putting in place practical measures to reduce them.

This document is an overview, more detailed information can be received from [email protected].

Our attendee code of behaviour

  • Undertake your own health risk assessment. Consider risks to your own health by attending and what you are or are not comfortable with.
  • Check for symptoms of COVID 19 before travelling to the event . You should be checking if you, or anyone you live with, has symptoms (even if they are mild) you should not attend, and should follow the guidance on testing and self isolation
  • Do not attend Chamber events if you need to self isolate. If have been asked to self isolate by NHS Test and Trace, are required to isolate after travel, or because you are displaying any COVID
    19 symptoms, please do not attend our event.
  • Adhere to any COVID 19 safety measures in place at the venue observing directions given by Chamber or venue.
  • Respect other people , keep your distance and discuss openly with other attendees how comfortable they are interacting with
  • Be prepared , you may need to wait longer to register as we ask people to keep their distance. Bring a jacket, it might be chilly as we open windows and doors to improve ventilation. As a result, please excuse external noise out of our control.

What we are doing and what we ask of you, to keep you and others safe and feeling comfortable.

  • Asking you to adhere fully to our attendee code of behaviour.
  • Asking you to carry out your own health risk assessment and know your covid status in advance of attending one of our events: You can access NHS lateral flow tests or for further testing options via Chamber member Recovery4Life
  • Asking you to engage openly with other attendees to find out how comfortable they are engaging with you.
  • We ask you wear a mask moving around and when talking to others.
  • We are completing a risk assessment for each event and discussing procedures with venues, to ensure we are as covid safe as possible.
  • We are ensuring our venues are cleaning regularly and there is easy access to hand washing / sanitising facilities.
  • We are securing venues larger than usually required to provide as much space as possible and less people around tables.
  • We are staggering arrivals for events over 150 people and ask you to socially distance to 1m+.
  • We are opening windows and doors to increase ventilation and monitoring air quality in line with HSE guidance.
  • We are going paperless, there will be no badges and our event packs will be via QR code this is to reduce direct interactions between people, especially our members and colleagues.

You will be offered either a green or amber wristband on arrival at our events. Green indicates you are comfortable with physical contact, amber indicates you are not.